Sell Your Development Vision Faster

Whether pitching a development project to a planning board, investors or prospective

buyers or tenants, Pix helps you market your project more widely and efficiently.


A Powerful Site Plan Tool for Developers and Economic Development Associations

Clarify your presentation

Stimulate discussion about the build

Expedite the review and decision-making process


Use as a marketing engine and revenue generator


Accelerate Your Pro Forma with Pre-Construction Visualization

Pre-construction showroom experiences

Minimize the need for travel time and costs

Improve project collaboration


Eliminate the expense of physical sales models, showrooms and marketing materials.


Prospects can Virtually Customize the Space with Finishes, Furnishings, & Other Amenities Before Breaking Ground

The World Economic Forum study reports digital technology–including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)–could save the construction industry up to $1.7 trillion (USD) globally within 10 years. Adopting these technologies are crucial to the industry’s future success. VR and AR technology adds advantages to every stage of developing a new property.

                                                                                                                 CREtech Blog

                                                                                                     Virtual Reality Saves Construction Big Bucks - 9/27/18


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