PIX-Virtual Goes Mobile

PIX-Virtual has just released a completely mobile virtual experience. Use your smartphone, tablet or any internet enabled device to virtually experience a property anytime… anywhere! Whether you are walking your clients through a prospective investment property or looking at leasing some space, closing the deal has never been easier or faster.

With mobile VR, your leasing and sales cycle is reduced

Using VR capabilities accelerates many aspects of commercial real estate transactions. For starters, in the same time it takes to visit one physical property you would be able to visit 10 properties virtually.

Likewise, if you are provided with the ability to use tools like our RealFit, you can shorten the leasing cycle, gain faster tenant commitment and accelerate your revenue realization. With this tool, the tenant can design their space and then do a 3D walk-through where they can immediately see themselves in their newly designed space.

High-End VR: Now Available On all your devices

Since Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 Billion in 2014, the use of head mounted displays has increased year over year. The current forecasts show that over 50 million headsets are expected to ship in 2022. According to Goldman Sachs Research, the virtual and augmented reality market is expected to become an $80 billion market by 2025. The rapid decline in pricing of high-end headsets and the growing availability of inexpensive headsets all point to VR quickly becoming mainstream and an expectation in the real estate world.

McDonalds provides their own version of Google Cardboard with a skiing game.

McDonalds provides their own version of Google Cardboard with a skiing game

Reach Anyone, at Any Time... from Anywhere

This technology allows real estate professionals to show their properties to anyone at anytime from anywhere. So how would you do this?

Depending on your smartphone, you can choose different tools such as the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, or other mobile friendly ‘head mounted display’ (HMD). You can then use your phone to access the VR scene for the property that you are interested in experiencing. Additionally, you can access the same content using your favorite web browser on a tablet, laptop, or PC.

Some examples of such VR Scenes that we created can be seen at https://www.pix-virtual.com/portfolio

Marketing Becomes Your Niche with VR

The use of VR for real estate market is clearly trending up. All of the major players working on their VR strategies. By providing prospective buyers, investors or tenants with a virtual scene of a property they are interested in, you can let them experience the space firsthand and show them the possibilities instantly. The Wow Factor will soon give way to the A-ha! moment that will accelerate the decision making process and greatly strengthen your relationship with the client.

Marriott provides a ‘teleporter’ to experience remote Marriott hotels or a Hawaiin beach

Mobile VR in action

At PIX, our mission is to improve the efficiency and transparency of the real estate and related industries through the utilization of our VR capabilities. Today that means that we are ready to help you gain the benefits by using any devices... especially mobile ones.

“The Virtual Reality presentation created by Pix for our apartment complex expansion (Urban Connected Luxury Apartments --- Link https://www.liveurbanconnected.com/) has been extremely impressive due to the Pix Team's level of expertise, thoroughness, communication and attention to detail.

The ability to present a visual representation of how the new 3-story buildings and other outdoor amenities will interact with the existing development and surrounding properties has been invaluable in our effort to gain approval to re-zone and expand the property. As a design tool, it has helped solidify many of our design decisions, helping expedite decision-making.

  • By hosting the solution on the internet, it allows anyone to experience the proposed property upgrades and expansion from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device.

  • The use of 360-videos allows us to seamlessly fly over or walk through the existing proposed development.

  • We can stop the 360-videos at any frame/location along its path and freely look in any direction within the VR-Lite application. We have found that the 360 Videos provide a better presentation experience than static photographic 360-images.

For those that are interested in the more immersive experience using a Head Mounted Display (HMD) with just a mobile device, the level of presence (the feeling of actually being there) is highly effective.”

Brock Danielson Developer, Brock Danielson + Associates

Owner, Keller Williams Integrity First Realty

Going mobile is now enabled and ready for you

At PIX, our mission is to improve the efficiency and transparency of the real estate and related industries through the utilization of our VR capabilities. Today we have advanced that mission by allowing you to gain the benefits of VR using any devices... especially mobile ones.

To experience this mobile enabled VR application please Click Here.

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