Traditionally, virtual reality technology required heavy computing power and expensive hardware and, consequentially, carried a heavy price tag. Demonstrating the technology was often burdensome and difficult outside of an ideal, pre-staged environment. VR technology, however, has evolved greatly over the last few years. With a web-based solution, Pix can now offer a fully immersive, virtual tour anytime, anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled device.

While the experience of fully virtualized tours can be stunning, the demonstrations are often limited to well-equipped locations or hardware. Given the pace of business, mobility has become essential. To address this need, Pix has combined streaming 360-degree videos and images, and introduced its new product, Pix VR-Lite. This product allows optimal visualization of a 3D virtual environment on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, avoiding traditional restraints. Properties can be showcased during any phase of design, construction, sales, or leasing. This technology expedites the sales and leasing process, allowing multiple property tours in significantly less time.

Pix VR-Lite...

  • Provides virtual tours using streaming 360° videos and images.

  • Allows you to pause your tour to look in every direction, at any time.

  • Offers optimal visualization and communication on any mobile or internet-connected device.

  • Includes all the features, functions and benefits of a traditional guided tour.

  • Is intuitive and easy to use.

Pix VR-Lite is easy to use...

VR-Lite Testimonial...

“The Virtual Reality presentation created by Pix for our apartment complex expansion (Urban Connected Luxury Apartments) has been extremely impressive due to the Pix Team's level of expertise, thoroughness, communication and attention to detail.

The ability to present a visual representation of how the new 3-story buildings and other outdoor amenities will interact with the existing development and surrounding properties has been invaluable in our effort to gain approval to re-zone and expand the property. As a design tool, it has helped solidify many of our design decisions, helping expedite decision-making.”

Brock Danielson

Owner, Keller Williams Integrity First Realty

Experience the Power of VR-Lite...

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