RealFit – Realtime Test Fits Made Easy

RealFit accelerates the test fit process while minimizing the costs and time requirements. Easy to use web-based tools allow you to collaboratively design unlimited iterations of 3D models while on-site with your clients – using a PC or Tablet in real-time.

By delivering these flexible design tools, detailed iterations are fast and easy heightening client engagement and enabling superior decision-making.

Prospective tenants can virtually walk through and assess the suitability of the space – while you make edits. RealFit enables a more efficient leasing process that saves everyone involved both time and money.

RealFit rapidly pays for itself. Eliminate the costly test fits and lost time waiting for traditional design iterations, not only shortens the leasing cycle, but provides cost estimates and 3D virtual walkthroughs – in Realtime.

This level of real-time interactive and immersive user experience supported with the dynamic Excel file listing the building materials and furniture for the proposed retrofit, allows tenants to not only see themselves in the space but evaluate the cost implications immediately, reducing their response times. This allows you to commit potential clients quickly as the 3D walkthroughs visually communicates the potential of the space while de-risking the leasing process. Don’t allow clients time to look elsewhere. Get to a final decision and a signed lease faster.

RealFit Process: Using your 2D or 3D CAD files, our designers can produce a 3D replica of any space, floor, or entire building. Using the web-based RealFit application, you can add and move walls, doors, or windows and arrange office furniture to meet your client’s specifications. Next you can choose furniture, floor coverings, wall colors, and building materials.

At any time throughout the design process, you and your clients can freely walk-through or fly over the 3D space – which allows prospective tenants to provide immediate feedback and see themselves inside their newly-designed space.

RealFit Features and Functions:

· 2-3 day turnaround to deliver the base 3D office model

· Easy to use User Interface, No CAD experience required

· Simple Drag-and-Drop placement of office furniture, walls and doors

· Dynamic sun slider to see how lighting will change over a day

· Accurate Distance and Area Measuring Tools (recently expanded)

· Instant creation of computer rendered images

· 3D/CAD Export (in the Professional Version)

New Template Function: Allows you to save the furniture layout of various spaces for easy and immediate re-use throughout an office, or across multiple offices… Layout an office space once and duplicate it across multiple properties… Pre-constructed templates will also be provided, making the RealFit process even faster.

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