Compress the Sales/Leasing Transaction Cycle

Quickly engage buyers and tenants globally using the most immersive and realistic way to

view and market listings while minimizing the time and cost associated with site visits. 


Differentiate Yourself to Win More Business

Cutting-edge technology


Complete showroom experiences

Experience the property prior to construction


Overcome scheduling difficulties or geographic distances


Enlarge your lead pool


Virtually Demise Any Space

Quickly determine suitability

Faster and more economical than architectural renderings

Avoid expensive and timeline-busting rework

Customize the space with finishes, furnishings and other amenities


Present Your Properties  to Potential Tenants

True-to-life immersive experience of any multi-family or campus housing project, its rooms, amenities and views in ways not previously possible.  

The ability to visualize how each space was going to look and feel – as a design tool for the developers and interior designers in parallel to construction – greatly expedited the decision-making process and guaranteed the successful execution of the final vision.


The level of realism and immersion provided by the VR experience, especially using the Head Mounted Display (HMD), has been so effective, it has greatly reduced our leasing cycle and increased the conversion rate from leads to tenants, even prior to project completion.


                                                                                                             David Klein

                                                                                                                         Director, Asset Management & Development

                                                                                                                         Investment Property Advisors



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