Property Immersion Xperience​

Your Virtual Reality
Experts For CRE.

​PIX was founded by a group of successful real estate veterans and business leaders in conjunction with pioneers in the field of interactive 3D computer gaming and virtual reality to develop state-of-the-art, immersive 3D virtual experiences for the real estate and related industries.


The Pix vision is to revolutionize the way businesses and consumers become better informed and make better decisions through the use of 3D and virtual reality technology.


The Pix mission is to improve the efficiency and transparency of the real estate and related industries through the utilization of its immersive, interactive, 3D virtualized models of property.  These models ease transportability, and provide flexible data integration/visualization, collaboration, e-commerce and advertising capabilities. 

Our Approach

PIX developed a proprietary platform to create unparalleled 3D models that drive efficiency and transparency throughout the property life cycle.  Our unique platform can be combined with embedded video chat, live video feeds, data visualization and artificial intelligence capabilities that can be delivered across any platform.  Pix models harness the team’s vast experience across real estate, gaming development, architecture and simulation to deliver solutions that target your business objectives and resulting return on investment.


Meet the Team

Mark Kingston

Mark Kingston is the CEO of Pix. In 2013, Mark brought together his experience as the former President of ARGUS Software and former Chief Knowledge Officer of Altus Group to build Pix. In 2005, Mark led a leveraged buyout and ... [more]

Demetrios Louziotis

Demetrios brings 35 years of real estate, finance and technology experience to his role of COO of Pix. Prior to his tenure at PIX, he continues to be a founding partner and COO of the Pavonis Group an investment management company that...[more]


Michael Lerg

Michael Lerg is the CTO of Pix and has over twenty-five years of experience leading the development of Custom Visualization, Simulation, and Training applications – specializing in numerous forms of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. He began...[more]

Christopher Seher
Art Director

Chris Seher is the Art Director of Pix. With over 20 years of experience in the field of technical graphic art production for visualization, simulation and training. He has created industry leading VR applications for the government, military, ...[more]

Glenn Petillo
General Counsel

Glenn has served as both General Counsel and advisory member to PIX since its inception.  Prior to his tenure at PIX, he continues to be a founding partner and General Counsel of the Pavonis Group, LLC, an investment management company that ...[more]