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Virtual Reality

Fully Immersive and Interactive 3D Tours

Interactive Virtual Reality

Vacant / Medical / Office

This landlord representative faced a challenge in marketing an outdated space to multiple viable tenant sectors. To overcome this, they utilized PIX VR, which allowed them to showcase the space in three different scenarios: retail, medical, and office. By leveraging the power of virtual reality, the PIX model broadened the target market and expedited the leasing process. With the ability to provide immersive tours of the space, virtual reality helped the landlord representative find success in a competitive market.

Retail / Multi-Family Complex

PIX created an immersive design visualization for a mixed-use complex using just a site plan and two renderings. The resulting VR Tour allowed the client to present their proposed development to key stakeholders and gain their support. With unparalleled detail and interactivity, virtual reality provided a cost-effective and time-efficient way to communicate the client's vision. The VR Tour helped the client stand out in a competitive market and gain the trust of their stakeholders.

Residential Development

By reviewing the VR model based on their initial designs, the developer was able to identify areas for improvement. The ability to see the space in VR allowed the developer to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the design, resulting in a more effective and informed decision-making process. As a result of the virtual model review, several design changes were made, ultimately increasing the marketability of the home. 

Industrial Warehouse

By utilizing virtual reality, the client was able to market their pre-construction distribution center to a targeted buyer using brand-specific details. The virtual model allowed for numerous design changes to be addressed in advance, significantly reducing the need for costly change orders and adjustments during construction. By leveraging the power of PIX VR, the client was able to save time and money while meeting the specific needs of their buyer.

“The PIX Team was amazing to work with on the VR Tour to pre-visualize the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services building in St Thomas, Virgin Islands. They were professional, responsive, and the result was remarkable! Their ability to create an interactive VR Tour of the entire facility from just the floor/site plans and some reference photos was incredible.” 

Jeff Cotter, Principal 
Absolute Investment & Realty Servic

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