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Property Video Tours

Experience the Space in Stunning Cinematic Detail

Visually Stunning Guided Tours

  • Provides a dynamic and engaging way to visualize the site design, which can help stakeholders better understand the project.

  • Allows for the exploration of the project in greater detail, showcasing different views and angles of the structures.

  • Simulates the movement of people and vehicles in and around the building, providing a more accurate representation of how the space will function.

  • Enhances marketing efforts by creating a compelling visual presentation of the building, which can be used in promotional marketing materials.

  • Identifies potential design flaws or issues early on, which can save time and money during construction.

  • Enables clients and stakeholders to make informed decisions based on a realistic representation of the building design.

  • Cost-effective solution for showcasing the property, removing the need for physical staging or renovation.

  • Demonstrates how the building will interact with its surrounding environment, including the impact of natural light and shadows.

  • Enhances client satisfaction by providing a realistic representation of the final product, which can minimize misunderstandings and ensure expectations are met.

"PIX’ ability to visualize the proposed sports complex rapidly and cerate an accurate Video Property Tour (based solely on a preliminary site plan and a handful of reference photos), provided the City Council the ability to not only review the scope of the project, but truly understand it, its funding and overall benefits to the community. As a repeat client, we plan to use PIX on future projects."

Becky Bracke, Mayor
City of Opp

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