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A CRE VR Christmas Story

Ebenezer Oldschool, a senior broker at Big Realty, is at the company holiday party and getting grumpier with each scotch-on-the-rocks. He had an off year and doesn’t understand why, because he saw some of his former protégés have great years. Instead of joining some of his colleagues in the virtually reality game room with the Christmas theme, he has one more drink and calls a car service to drive him home.

Climbing into the car he is somewhat comforted to see that the driver is someone who has driven him many times over the years. That comfort along with the smooth town car ride, comfy seats and warm interior quickly cause him to nod off. He soon falls into a dream state that brings back old times of winning big deals and earning large commissions.

At one point, Ebenezer’s old business partner, Jacob PIXley, enters his dreams. He and Jacob relive the good old days of getting deals done with blueprints and a few numbers on a napkin. Ebenezer then laments to Jacob even going from blueprints to having a few renderings and a spreadsheet are not good enough to do the kind of business they used to in the current environment.

Jacob acknowledges the situation and suggests there is a better way. Ebenezer asks him why he should have to change? His knowledge and experience should be more valuable than new ways of doing things. “It’s still real estate Jacob, not rocket science.” Jacob suggests ways, along with his knowledge and experience, could result in even greater success for his old friend.

Jacob pulls out some modern looking glasses and asks Ebenezer to slip them on. When he does, he sees his office in 3D. Not only that, he sees his new associate Bob PowerBroker sitting at his desk. He also sees Bob showing several of his client’s buildings to prospects using virtual reality. What he doesn’t see is himself. He asks Jacob why he can’t see himself?

This part of the dream startles Ebenezer awake just as he is arriving at home. As he enters the door, he trips over an Amazon box. Aggravated, he rips it open to see what was impeding him. In the box was a VR headset similar to the ones he saw Bob using to win more business and close more deals faster.

He turns the headset on and tentatively puts it up to his face. To his amazement, he sees a stunning 3D cityscape. He is able to not only virtually walk around buildings but interact with them and see specific information about each one. Ebenezer quickly finds the ability to go inside some of the buildings. Once inside he can easily customize the space by changing and moving furniture or selecting different finishes.

Happy Holidays! Click the image to take a virtual tour!

His mind begins to think about a new deal he will be pitching the first week of January. He recognizes how he will be able to broaden his marketing reach without expanded costs, the time he can save on showing the property and how the ability to customize the space instantly will reduce the time it takes for prospects to make decisions.

Bob arrives at the office early the next morning to see Ebenezer already hard at work. When he goes in to say good morning and find out what is going on, Ebenezer excitedly tells him how he has seen the future and they are going to start using it now. When he begins to tell Bob about his idea to use VR for the new project, Bob tells him he heard that virtual experiences can also be shown over the internet.

They both get excited and do more research. They find out that 3D models can also be used on certain listing sites; incorporated into property presentations, fliers, brochures and offering memorandums; and used to create renderings, if need, all at a cost similar to that of traditional renderings. They both can’t wait for the new year, and Ebenezer is dreaming again, this time of a much happier company holiday party.

Happy Holidays from Pix. If you want to improve your success in the coming year, contact us and we will gladly show how you can work in the future now:

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