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Developer Captures Investor Interest Using PIX’s Comprehensive Marketing Solution!

James Abdulla, the visionary behind Elite Athlete Training, faced a significant challenge. His goal is to create a comprehensive training facility on the East Coast, not just for athletes but also for their coaches, parents, and agents. Conveying this multifaceted vision to potential investors and political figures requires more than just traditional presentations. James needed a way to effectively communicate his project’s potential and gain the necessary support and funding.

Meeting Client Needs

By incorporating a VR Tour, high-quality renders, narrated property video tours, aerial tours, interactive maps, and business plans, PIX ensured that every aspect of the project was accessible and engaging. This comprehensive approach helped keep investors and political figures informed and excited about the project.

Click Video to Experience the PIX Solution

Enhanced Communication

Using PIX's virtual reality (VR) and video tour capabilities, James could offer an immersive experience that allowed stakeholders to fully grasp the scope and potential of his project. By allowing them to virtually tour the property during the design and pre-development phase, James was able to effectively communicate the project and significantly speed up the decision-making. Stakeholders could now quickly and easily understand the project’s value—especially since the site is currently vacant with no on-site improvements.

Results and Impact

James used the virtual presentation for several audiences, generating increased support and interest. One notable success was applying for a million-dollar grant from the redevelopment authority in Pennsylvania. The ability to visually showcase the project moved his application from the bottom of the pile to the top 5% of consideration. He is confident this presentation will secure the first round of funding and pave the way for future support.

Visualizing the Future State of the Property


Incorporating PIX’ virtual and visual solutions into your real estate strategy can dramatically enhance your marketing efforts. By providing immersive visualization, engaging stakeholders, and reducing marketing costs, PIX helps you accelerate sales and leasing processes, ultimately maximizing your profits. Whether you’re in the pre-construction phase or looking to market a completed property, PIX’s comprehensive solutions can help you stand out in a competitive market.

Don’t take our word for it, read James’ testimonial below

"Working with PIX was a game changer. The virtual reality experience allowed us to walk through the facility and see every detail. The integration of virtual tours, aerial tours, renderings, and narrated videos on our website has garnered positive feedback from politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes. The capabilities of this technology are incredible!

For future projects, we will absolutely use PIX. Their capabilities are perfect for our industry."

To learn more about how a 3D virtual tour in a property website can help you, please contact us below:

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