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  • Chris Seher

Don’t miss out on up to $2,500 off a digital marketing package in the annual PIX Virtual Easter Egg Hunt!


Are you ready to embark on an exciting virtual “Easter Egg Hunt” like never before? Join us for an innovative and fun-filled experience that blends tradition with technology that could save you up to $2500.00 off a digital marketing package of your property!





Explore our virtual space, find the hidden easter eggs, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt from the comfort of your own home. If you’re able to find and click the “Golden Egg”, you’ll be granted access to enter for the grand prize.


Want to enter more than once and increase your odds? Every other day we’ll be posting a different property type for you to explore and continue the hunt. Finding the “Golden Egg” in a different property earns you another entry towards the grand prize!


Also, keep an eye on our social media daily as we’ll be posting clues to help you in your search.


Our virtual Easter Egg Hunt is just the beginning! Stop by our website and look at all the benefits of our VR tours, renders, and property video tours for your property type.




Have fun, enjoy the hunt, and best of luck to all!

To learn more about how a 3D virtual tour in a property website can help you, please contact us below:

· Or call +1 919.332.7925

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