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  • Chris Seher

Fascinating Benefits of 3D/VR over Photos and Videos for CRE

Virtual Reality (VR) Tours for commercial real estate provide many benefits over traditional photos and videos… from increased conversion rates, as well as reduced staging and travel costs, VR Tours are the cutting-edge answer to many challenges of closing that sale. Below are just a few of these benefits of VR over videos and photos.

VR is More Engaging than Traditional Media

Virtual property tours can increase “presence” by helping people feel immersed at a conscious level. “Presence” can be measured as the degree to which the virtual environment faithfully evokes a sense of reality. The more effective the sense of presence, the more emotional and cognitive connections are created with your virtual real estate. VR Tours are the best form of marketing. Multiple studies reveal significant increases in the buyer’s retention of details.

Evoke Emotions that Sell Virtual reality answers the challenge of getting a buyer emotionally invested in long-distance or undeveloped properties. Multiple studies have revealed that VR evokes positive selling emotions like joy, curiosity, and excitement. Furthermore, it makes the property more real to the buyer. They feel like they are investing in something they have experienced firsthand instead of traditional marketing – leading to the buyer’s increased follow through on sales and sign-ups up to three times more than those shown traditional marketing media.

Realistically Market Your Property – Before its Built 3D-based VR Tours make it possible to provide virtual walkthroughs when photos, videos, and physical showrooms don’t exist. Traditional renderings can only give a small glimpse into the property’s value, not the truly inherent value a VR Tour can provide. Furthermore, VR Tours have successfully increased the 1st year pre-lease rate by 8% or more (up to 93% occupancy).

A key feature of 3D-based VR Tours in real estate is its ability to let a buyer experience the finished property while it is still in the design or development phase! It is infinitely difficult to get a buyer emotionally invested into a series of images or floor plans. However, with virtual technology, they can tour and interact with properties that will not exist for months. The property is converted from an idea on paper, to a real and tangible experience they can see and explore.

Faithfully Depict your Property and its Upgrades Videos or Photos can only provide a fixed path or a series of snapshots of your property. VR Tours provide a much better understanding of your property through the immersive experience of freely moving and looking anywhere you want (Inside and Out). In addition, your clients can dynamically select various upgrades and not only see the visual impact but also calculate the costs in real-time.

Rapidly Experience New Designs and Test Fits in Real-Time While it's possible to create buildings or landscapes in three dimensions in computer design programs, imagine what you could experience if you could walk through them in virtual reality. Designers and architects could create their ideas in VR and their clients can get a near real-life look at the different ideas planned for their project. VR has the potential to allow for people to see the functionality of a design, not simply its aesthetics. This can be a benefit on both sides of the equation, as it can help a designer explain their ideas to people who may have trouble visualizing, and it can help the designer find new ideas by looking at their own work in new ways.

As it applies to test fits of existing properties, 3D-based VR allows you to visualize how future designs will meet your client’s needs. Easy to use web-based tools allow you to collaboratively design unlimited iterations of 3D models while on-site with your clients – using a PC or Tablet all in real-time.

By delivering these flexible design tools, detailed iterations are fast and easily heighten client engagement and enabling superior decision-making. Prospective tenants can virtually walk through and assess the suitability of the space – while you make edits. VR-based test fits enable a more efficient leasing process that saves everyone involved both time and money.

To learn more about how Pix’ products can provide these benefits to you and your clients, please visit our Website, or Attend a Demo.

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