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  • Chris Seher

Win the Commercial Real Estate Pre-Market Race with a Cutting-Edge Website and 3D Tours from PIX

Updated: Mar 5

Imagine trying to sell a house that doesn't exist yet. That's the challenge faced by a visionary developer with stunning single-family home designs, but only 2D plans to showcase them. How do you capture potential buyers' imagination and generate interest before construction even begins?


The Solution:

Enter the power of 3D tours in a commercial real estate property website. We partnered with the developer to transform his 2D plans into immersive, interactive 3D virtual tours. PIX brought his designs to life, allowing potential buyers to explore every room, appreciate the flow of the layouts, and envision themselves living in these spaces.



Building Buzz with a Comprehensive Website:

But the 3D tours were just one piece of the puzzle. PIX also developed a comprehensive commercial real estate website specifically designed to pre-market the development. The website features:

·        Interactive 3D tours: Users can click through each room, zoom in on details, and explore each home's layout and design firsthand.

·        Compelling visuals: Eye-catching high-quality renderings showcase the homes' exteriors, surrounding environments, and amenities.

·        Informative content: Detailed descriptions, floorplans, and additional information provide potential buyers with everything they needed to make an informed decision.

·        Lead generation forms: Contact forms and interest registration options capture valuable leads for the developer's sales team.



The Results:

The impact was undeniable. The website has quickly become a hub for interest and engagement:

·         Increased traffic: Compared to traditional methods, the website attracts significantly more potential buyers, eager to explore the homes through the 3D tours.

·         Higher engagement: Users spend significantly more time on the website, immersed in the 3D tours and exploring the detailed information.

·        Qualified leads: The contact forms capture high-quality leads from genuinely interested buyers, saving the developer valuable time and resources.

Key Takeaways:

This project highlights the power of 3D visualization and comprehensive website design in pre-marketing new developments. By showcasing homes before they're built, developers can:

·         Capture attention and generate excitement early on.

·         Provide prospective buyers with a clear understanding of the design and layout.

·         Gather valuable leads and interest before construction begins.

·         Gain valuable insights into buyer preferences and expectations.


In today's competitive market, standing out is crucial. This developer has leveraged the power of technology and innovative marketing to generate pre-market success, proving that even before they're built, a compelling property website with 3D tours can sell homes.

To learn more about how a 3D tour in a property website can help you, please contact us below:

· Or call +1 919.332.7925


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