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  • Chris Seher

4 Things a Virtual Tour Can Do that a Physical Tour Cannot

Virtual Reality tours are rapidly becoming an essential resource in Commercial and Residential Real Estate marketing strategies. They allow an unlimited number of potential buyers or tenants to explore a property anytime and from anywhere. They cut costs and raise engagement. Most importantly, Virtual Reality tours allow real estate brokers and agents to tackle one of their biggest challenges: selling property that doesn’t yet physically exist.

It is statistically proven that Virtual Technology marketing strategies lead to higher results than a physical experience. Here are a few major factors:

Virtual Tours Keep Buyers Engaged and Lead to Higher Conversion Rates

It is statistically proven that Virtual Reality and 360-degree technology keeps users more engaged and leads to higher sales conversions. Multiple studies have shown that 360-degree technology leads to higher attention and retention of details than traditional video media. A research study by Neilson found that people who interacted with virtual ads had a 97% or higher retention rate of details compared to when traditional media is used. They also found that the viewers were 2x-3x more likely to buy or donate after viewing the interactive ads than they were with traditional media.

Virtual Tours Allow Buyers to See the Future

With a physical tour, you can only show the here and now - properties as they physically exist. However, Pix Virtual Reality specializes in immersing potential buyers into proposed, yet unbuilt properties. Real estate agents, managers and developers can invite people to tour the finished product pre-renovation, pre-construction or for greenfield properties.! Furthermore, clients can explore and interact with furniture, interior designs, available upgrades and conduct commercial test fits of the future property.

Virtual Tours Allow Tenants and Agents to Be in Two Places at Once

Time is always a limited resource with physical tours. There are only so many hours to travel and tour locations in a given day. Tenants and buyers can explore properties at their leisure from their living room, their favorite café, or while overseas on business. Clients can explore virtual rooms, try out and price add-ons, from anywhere and anytime.

Agents can now invest more time on customizing each client’s experience. They can effectively orchestrate multiple tours and buying processes without leaving their office. Real estate agents can communicate questions and upgrades with sellers and developers within minutes instead of days or weeks.

Virtual Tours Allow for Zero-Risk Experiments

A physical tour is limited to the current state of the building and its staging. A virtual tour allows a potential tenant to evaluate the space with different brand-specific paints, finishes, floorings and more. They can avoid sticker shock by exploring the costs associated with their preferred upgrades.

In addition, commercial real estate tenants can benefit from RealFit to see if their intended layouts will work. They can even design and propose changes to fit their needs before any final decisions are made.

Fully interactive, zero-risk environments allow clients to envision their desires and inspirations. In turn, they become more emotionally invested than they ever could have in a physical tour.


Virtual reality removes all the discomforts and limitations of a physical tour. It avoids the unnecessary expense of time and money, assuming the property is available to be toured. It allows pre-construction improvements and greenfield properties to be viewed, while providing a means to interact and experiment with design ideas, thereby becoming further invested. While physical tours will never totally go away, there are many things a virtual tour can do that a physical one simply cannot.

Is your real estate business benefiting from all the advantages of Virtual Reality tours? Try a risk-free demonstration to see how Pix-VR can give your business the edge it needs to compete in the modern market.

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