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  • Chris Seher

Pix is “Fried on Business”

Our own Mike Lerg recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Fried on “Fried on Business” (880 am radio) along with Matt Smith from RealNex. Mike discussed the findings from Pix’ “State of the VR Market in Real Estate” survey and provided some expert advice on using VR for real estate.

The interview includes some great takeaways from our survey, an overview of VR and provides some thought-provoking ideas on how CRE professionals can benefit from using this technology. Mike explains the differences of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). He also discusses what’s limiting the use of VR in real estate (hint: it may be you!).

The interview also covers the new Oculus Quest and how will it change the industry. Are you going to be ready? These types of headsets are making the use of VR easier and more affordable to deliver. Hear how that plays into using virtual models to accelerate sales and leasing, even for projects that have not broken ground.

Mike also shatters some VR myths, like it is too expensive and takes too long. Did you know that a model can be produced in as little as a few days? You may also be surprised that some models can be created for only a few hundred dollars, and, unlike architectural renderings, they can be used over the life of the property.

If you want to learn about these things and more, please tune in. You can listen to the entire interview here.

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