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  • Chris Seher

Revolutionize Your Real Estate Marketing with PIX Aerial Video Tours

In the competitive world of commercial real estate, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. PIX’ latest technology, Aerial Video Tours, offers a game-changing solution for CRE professionals looking to elevate their marketing. These tours not only showcase properties and new developments with breathtaking aerial views but also help you promote yourself and your company in a unique and compelling way.

1-Minute Demo Video

Showcase Properties and Developments Dramatically improve your marketing impact by presenting properties and new developments with stunning aerial views. Highlighting key landmarks and points of interest, these tours provide a comprehensive overview of your property's location, making it easier for potential buyers and investors to see its true value.

Data-infused Video Maps

Using data-infused video maps, you can more effectively communicate the value of your property by showcasing its proximity to transportation routes, commercial hubs, and other locational attributes. This dynamic approach makes your property stand out and provides prospective clients with a clear understanding of its advantages.

Develop Unique Video Bios

Set yourself and your company apart from the competition with unique, video-based bios. Highlight your personal skills, accomplishments, and market expertise in a memorable and engaging way. These video bios not only build trust but also establish your authority in the market, making you the go-to professional for real estate needs.

Leverage Advanced Technology

PIX Aerial Video Tours utilize cutting-edge satellite and drone technology to deliver high-quality presentations of properties. You can show a new development on its site, offering a dynamic and comprehensive view that brings your vision to life.

Create Dynamic Presentations

Overlayed data and graphics vividly illustrate the geographic story of your properties. Enhanced with professional voiceover narration and music, these elements combine to deliver an engaging and impactful marketing message that captivates your audience and drives interest.


Elevate your real estate marketing today with PIX Aerial Video Tours. Transform how you showcase properties, developments, as well as you and your company with stunning visuals and advanced technology. Stand out from the competition, build trust, and establish a memorable presence in the market. Ready to get started? By leveraging PIX Aerial Video Tours, you can significantly enhance your marketing efforts, making properties more appealing and your personal brand more compelling. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your real estate marketing, contact us today!

Want to Learn More?

Learn how PIX Aerial Video Tours can transform your marketing. Register now for our upcoming webinar and discover all the benefits and features of this engaging solution.

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