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  • Chris Seher

Unleash the Power of Property Video Tours: 10 Key Benefits for CRE Professionals

Updated: Feb 29

In the dynamic world of commercial real estate, effective marketing strategies are key to success at every stage of a property's lifecycle. Whether you're involved in design review, capital raising, pre-sales, leasing, tenant improvements, historic renovations, or complete rehabilitations, incorporating PIX’ Property Video Tours into your marketing arsenal can significantly impact your outcomes.

In this blog post, we will explore ten compelling benefits of leveraging Property Video Tours in your commercial real estate strategy, and provide a Quick Start Guide to facilitate the process.

Ten Benefits of Cinematic Property Video Tours:

1. Ease of Use: Although VR Tours provide the most immersive experience available (short of visiting a property), Property Video Tours provide an immersive experience that does not require the user to have ANY knowledge of how to navigate or explore the virtual property… It’s the easiest user experience… simply click the link and watch as they are guided – highlighting your property’s key value propositions.

2. Realistic Visualization: Computer rendered Property Video Tours can deliver the highest level of realism over the web – providing a realistic representation of the property, its lighting and other social or environmental effects, offering a clearer and more tangible vision of the space compared to static Renderings which are limited to just one point of view, or VR Tours which are limited by the bandwidth and processing power of mobile devices.

3. Spatial Context: As opposed to Renderings, Property Video Tours give users a sense of spatial context and flow within the property, making it easier to understand the layout and design of the entire space.

4. Easy Room-to-Room Navigation: Unlike VR Tours that require users to navigate or teleport between rooms, Property Video Tours provide an effortless means to explore, providing an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

5. Seamless Story Flow: Property Video Tours enable a smooth and coherent flow of the property's story, guiding users through each area with natural transitions, highlighting key features and benefits effectively, enhancing their understanding and appreciation.

6. Emotional Connection: As opposed to Renderings, Property Video Tours can evoke emotions for users and create a deep connection with the property, influencing their perception and decision-making process positively.

7. Time-Efficient: While VR Tours may trigger users to spend more time to explore the property fully, Property Video Tours can efficiently showcase the key aspects in a shorter timeframe.

8. Aesthetic Presentation: Property Video Tours can present the property in a visually appealing, stylized and cinematic manner, adding an extra layer of sophistication and professionalism.

9. Emphasis on Lifestyle: By incorporating people and daily activities in Property Video Tours, users can visualize the property's potential lifestyle, helping them envision themselves living or working in the space.

10. Emotionally Engaging Soundtracks: Property Video Tours can be enhanced with captivating soundtracks and voice-over narration, creating an emotionally engaging atmosphere that complements the visual experience and leaves a lasting impression.

While VR Tours and computer Renderings have their advantages, Property Video Tours excel in providing an engaging, realistic, and emotionally impactful experience for users, making them a powerful tool for presenting real estate properties effectively.

Quick Start Guide for a Successful Property Video Tour:

· Design Sketches and Floor Plans: Provide accurate design sketches and floor plans to ensure the video accurately represents the property's layout and design.

· Mood Boards and Visual References: Share mood boards and visual references to convey the desired ambiance and aesthetic for the video tour.

· Detailed Descriptions: Communicate specific details about the property, including materials, finishes, amenities, and any unique selling points.

· Preferred Duration: Specify the desired duration for the video tour, keeping in mind the need for a concise yet comprehensive presentation.

· Target Audience and Marketing Goals: Share information about the target audience and your marketing objectives to align the video tour with your overall strategy.

Don't miss out on this transformative CRE tool. Elevate your strategy, captivate stakeholders, and maximize your commercial properties' potential. Contact us today for cinematic Property Video Tours that bring your properties to life.

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