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  • Chris Seher

Use 3D Virtual Tours To Boost Your Sales

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how many words is a 3D virtual tour worth?

That is a question that is now being answered by many commercial property agents who are incorporating 3D virtual tours to distinguish themselves from the competition and boost sales.

Studies show that property listings with virtual tours get significantly more phone and email inquiries than property listings without them. With more than fifty percent of property buyers starting their searches online, these listings attract more clicks than properties which do not include virtual tours. Combine all that together and you can see that 3D virtual tours are extremely valuable for increasing the number of leads for any property in the market.

3D virtual tours do more than just increase leads significantly. Virtual tours, when compared to static 2D images, greatly enhance the likelihood of converting prospects into buyers. This is because a 3D virtual tour offers a completely zero-risk opportunity for interested buyers to examine every aspect of a property without incurring the expenditure of time and money associated with a property visit.

The ability to browse properties on a 24/7 basis is especially valued by potential buyers who are based outside of the immediate geographic area. Often, buyers are not just based in different geographic areas – they are also based in different time zones. Think about the convenience to a European or Asian investor interested in searching US properties while mitigating travel costs and time. Virtual Reality (“VR”) technology gives them the ability to view any property in the world, any time, which helps drive quality leads and greatly enhances the likelihood of a transaction.

Buyers want a real, dynamic sense of what it would be like to live or work in a certain property. That is something that a 2D photo or rendering, regardless of quality, cannot accurately convey.

Immersive VR tours keep the buyer in control. They are not limited to pre-set angles or views. The prospective buyer can view as much of the property as they want, lingering as long as they need. In other words, they have much more confidence that what they see online will look the same when viewed in person.

3D virtual tours can also be used to sell or lease pre-construction properties. Just think about the ability to boost your pre-sales and leasing by walking prospective buyers through the virtualized property before it is completed and without the cost of a physical model unit or sales office. Buyers are much more confident and willing to commit to a property which they have toured virtually rather than simply viewing architectural renderings and illustrations.

As a result of using 3D virtual technology, you will greatly enhance your sales leads and pipeline. Conversions are going to increase because you are fundamentally transforming the real estate buying process. The final takeaway: if you are trying to sell or lease more commercial real estate, a 3D virtual tour could be your new secret weapon!

Is your real estate business benefiting from all the advantages of Virtual Reality tours? Try a risk-free demonstration to see how Pix-VR can give your business the edge it needs to compete in the modern market.

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