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  • Chris Seher

Why Virtual Reality (VR) Helps you Sell and/or Lease Faster

In order to understand why Virtual Reality will benefit your business, you should first understand why the technology is able to assist you with the sales process. Here is a brief explanation:

Imagine reaching anyone, anywhere, at any time without interrupting a tenant or construction crew to provide an effective emotional experience of a property with no travel required. Imagine providing switchable and personalized swappable staging, fixtures, finishes, and amenities while viewing a dynamic and interactive bill of materials that ensures the tracking of optional upgrade pricing, all live.

Imagine giving tours of ten properties in the time it would take to drive and visit one. Imagine giving a guided tour from your home office to a buyer in Europe for a property in another state. How much faster can you make sales when these constraints fall away?

Virtual Reality creates a sense of spatial immersion. Spatial immersion occurs when a user feels the simulated world is perceptually convincing. The player feels that he or she is really "there" and that a simulated world looks and feels "real". This natural feeling of "being there" is called "Presence."

“In the domain of real estate, virtual property tours using VR techniques can increase presence by helping people feel immersed at a conscious level in a virtual environment. “

(Lane et al., 2015; Witmer & Singer, 1998)

Presence can be measured as the degree to which the virtual environment faithfully evokes a sense of reality that causes the user to suspend disbelief. The more effective the user's sense of presence, the more emotional and cognitive connections they create with your virtual real estate. VR technology helps the sales process, but the key is the expertly crafted and compelling experience that PIX VR can create for you.

For more information or to experience your own personal demonstration, please visit our website at or contact us at

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