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  • Chris Seher

Introducing QuickTour

Pix QuickTour is more affordable and accessible than ever. At a cost comparable to floor plans and renderings, distinguish your property, space or project without stretching the budget.

“As a new user to the Pix QuickTour platform I was very pleased with the finished tour and have received a lot of praise from everyone who's seen it.”

W. Jeffrey Cotter, CCIM Broker | Principal Absolute Investment & Realty Services

Differentiate yourself and make your new listing stand out with the most efficient way to tour a property or space – especially those yet to be built. Deliver high-fidelity immersive tours streaming in any browser, even on a tablet or phone.

Visualize the full potential of your vacant site with QuickTour. Given a basic site plan and a description of the planned development, Pix can rapidly create a virtual tour that can be embedded on your listing page, website, and even linked to from within your brochures and flyers.

“By Virtualizing the property, we were able to market this asset sooner and more capably. Using our floor plans, the Pix Team was able to quickly create a virtual 3D environment which effectively brought potential tenants into the non-existent space – all for less than the cost of two renderings.”

Kara Walker CCIM – Associate VP Colliers International Las Vegas

To learn more about how Pix’ products can provide these benefits to you and your clients, please visit our Website, or Attend a Demo.

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