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Marketing a Property That Isn’t Camera Ready

Everyone knows you need pictures to market properties, videos are even better, and VR Tours are now becoming the expected norm. Just a Google search on “VR Tours” provides 37.5 million results. But what do you do if your property looks awful or doesn’t even exist yet? You use real 3D-based VR.

We recently delivered a web-based 3D/VR Tour specifically designed to optimize the preleasing of apartment units in this historic building (built in 1912 in an urban development zone within Detroit, MI) that proved this solution is affordable, fast and easy to use, while:

1. Helping our client start preleasing units long before construction began

2. Delivering it in WebVR which is accessible on all web-enabled devices (including your phone)

3. Doing so within a week – given the customization that the project included, and

4. Charging the client less than the cost of traditional floorplans and renderings

The images below are not just 2D renderings, but are just some of the unlimited renderings you can create from within a Pix QuickTour. To experience the QuickTour for yourself, simply click on any of the links below each image. Once you load any of the scenes below, simply press the “P” key on your keyboard to get a rendering of your current view – immediately placed in your browser’s download folder.

Provided with basic floorplans, elevations, and some verbal details from the client, we were able to visualize the future state of the building’s exterior, interiors and other future amenities making it possible to effectively market and prelease these historic units before the renovation began.

To experience part of the marketing campaign, click on the images below to see how the client used this QuickTour to create their website and property listing before the renovation.

This next example, The Crossings at Heritage is a condominium complex located in the Town of La Salle Ontario. As you can see by their website, they recently just started construction, as they’ve presold 75% of the units. As in the previous case, the QuickTour was not only created before construction began, but it facilitated the creation of their:

  • Online and Traditional Marketing

  • Website and

  • Listings

In this case, the client needed to presell most of the units to meet their lender’s requirements to collect 15% in deposits and have at least 70% of the units sold – before the lender would release the funds for construction. This reduced the lender’s risk, improved the terms of the financing, and helped facilitate the start of construction.

As you scroll through the website, you will see that all images of the unit interiors were created by the client using QuickTour’s built-in rendering capability. This project was also unique because clients could choose from one of four “packaged finishes” including flooring, wall color, and cabinets for either the one- or two-bedroom units as depicted in the 3D/VR Tours below. Isn’t it easier to decide in the VR model than by looking at some material swatches and architectural illustrations? Which package do you prefer?

Click on the image below to experience the full QuickTour

As seen in these two projects, all the traditional photographs, videos, and 360-Tours in the world would not help these developers prelease/sell their units, especially for the building that doesn’t yet exist. In these cases, Web-based 3D/VR models were their best solution to effectively market, preleasing and presell.

To learn more about how Web-enabled VR can help facilitate your preleasing/sales, please contact us below:

· Or call +1 281.299.3159

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